Saturday, January 4, 2014

Random Act of Kindness!

How does one start off the 2014 on a positive note when you hear about wars going on in many parts of the world, government dysfunction in America, bomb blasts in Russia before the Winter Olympics, bikers attacking an innocent family. A lot of sad stories to read and hear yet what happened to my friend and myself on September 9th, 2013  tells us that there are people who are generous, kind hearted and full of love.   I was at a Pizzaria in Flemington, NJ wanting to buy my friend lunch.  She was so kind to take me to my doctors appointment since I was told not to drive.  As I was about to pay the cashier a gentleman behind me said "put your card away!" I turned around and  said "what?"  The cashier looked confused.  We were not sure if we were being held up.  The gentleman said again " put your card away." I  said " I can't,  I have to pay for my lunch, Is there something wrong  with me paying with my card." He said "yes, because  I am paying for your lunch".   I stood there with my mouth hanging open looking at him in disbelief and said "did I hear you right?" He started to chuckle and his friend laughed and said, " yup, he is getting the reaction he wants."  The gentleman looked at me and said " I am doing my good deed for the day. l am  going to pay for your lunch." I was so touched and thanked him over and over again.  This kind stranger paid for our lunch just like that. There are really decent people in this world. What a nice feeling to experience a "Random Act of Kindness." I hope it will inspire all of you to try this as it has inspired me to pay it forward.

Nice way to start the New Year on a positive note!